Sarah Harman – From Country to City

7 responses to “Sarah Harman – From Country to City

  • Christine Stafford

    Hello Merron,

    Thank you so much for this wonderful story on Sarah. I am descended from her second husband George Adams and wrote the story about George and co at Adams Generations. Kerryn and I have often wondered how and why George ended up in Hamilton and like you, often wondered if the Adams and Harmans knew each other in Cambridgeshire. As you pointed out, Georges father Edward was living in Bassingbourn and his uncle John (Edwards brother) died in Melbourn Cam. in 1888 so possibly, George was introduced to the Harmans through his family back in England.

    The rift between Georges first family and his new wife and daughter is quite evident isnt it. I am descended from Georges son Edward, the one who got the biggest amount of all of his children from his first marriage. That in itself is another mystery as Edward had lived in New Zealand for many years prior to Georges death, so why he was chosen to get the most, I guess I will never know. Maybe by being in a different country, Edward was able to keep his nose out of Georges business and was thusly rewarded.

    Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself and thank you for all the work you have done on this family. It was a very interesting read.


  • Christine Stafford

    Sorry Merron, I forgot to mention in my first message, the house you have shown as possibly 5 Brixton St is incorrect. It is actually the house nextdoor with the grey wrought iron fence. If you zoom in on that house, you will see the number 5 on the letterbox. Dont worry, I struggle with Google Maps too and find the only way to really be accurate is by looking at the letterboxes. I dont mind looking, as long as I dont have to pay the bills in them lol. The other way is by going to street view, then zooming out of street view. You will then be given the map with the actual numbers of the houses.

    Thanks again,

    • Merron Riddiford

      Actually, Street View is incorrect. In my original draft I wrote it was the house to the right of the painted house with the fence, but because I couldn’t be sure, as I’m not sure if the houses started from the corner, I changed it, and pointed out that while the pointer is on the painted house, I am wary of where they are placed. Thank you for your clarification.

  • Kerryn

    Hi Merron and Chris, Merron I posted a photo of 5 Brixton St, to Google+ but couldn’t work out how to tag you in it. It was taken by a family member recently.
    Thanks for writing the story of Sarah, very interesting.

  • ancestorchaser

    Reblogged this on ancestorchaser and commented:
    I am reblogging Merron’s wonderful and informative post about Sarah nee Harman who was the second wife of my great great grandfather, George Adams.

  • chmjr2

    Great blog and well done research. Enjoyed very much.

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